Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tag, I'm it!

Well, not really me. And not just me. Actually, anyone who reads Kelli Crowe's blog sight and wants to be it is it. So, here are my 5 things:

In my closet:
overnight suitcase (for short trips)
small fire safe box (for passport & other important papers)
1 dozen confetti filled eggs (that were supposed to be for the grandkids on easter, but it rained so we had to hunt indoors, so i'll save 'em for a sunny day)
laptop travel case
a pair of really cool 4" heels for Red Hat meetings (that i will never wear because i've never worn heels. what was i thinking?!)

In my car:
favorite CD's
headset for phone (so i can talk with my hands free while driving)
booster seat (for my grandson, josh)
2 cups of melted ice (from lunch @ taco time with my grandson, ian)

In my purse:
cell phone
mini journal for random me class @ bigpicturescrapbooking
pencil & pens
calendar (to keep track of my oh-so-busy schedule)
handy dandy notepad (to keep track of my oh-so-forgetful mind)

In my fridge:
jones green apple soda (for ian)
betty crocker whipped butter cream frosting (for my sweet tooth)
six hard boiled eggs (fresh from the farm. yum...)
feta cheese

No tivo, so, 5 fave shows:
what not to wear
wife swapp

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Does It Get Any Better Than This?

I don't think so.

I got up early (yeah me),

the sun is shining,

Ian is here :)and he washed my car :),

scrapped a page for Josh,

went to the scrap store and stopped for a few groceries.

That is when I saw it;

the Extra Dark Chocolate bar with Cranberries, Blueberries & Almonds.

But wait! It does get better! If you look real close at the picture, to where I am pointing, it says:

Natural Source of Flavanol Antioxidents!

That's good, right?..... Yes!..... on the back it says:

*The natural antioxidents found in tea and certain fruits like berries and grapes can also be found in Hershey's Extra Dark. (yeah!) This is good news (this is great news!); however, like most indulgent treats, (blah, blah blah)...

{Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads me with benefits- Psalm 68:19} Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 28, 2006

Big Hairy Deal

I can't believe I'm letting ya'll see this. My hairy big toe. Toes actually. They are both hairy. They all have a little, as you can see, but only the big ones bother me. They didn't used to. I'd never even noticed they are hairy until a few years ago. Maybe that's when they got hairy. Whatever. They are hairy now.

I don't think about them in the fall or winter much. They are safely hidden in my shoes. But when it's spring and sandals time it's time to get out the razor and shave those suckers. Which brings me to today and this picture.

I was in the shower this morning thinking, I need to shave my legs cause it's gonna be 80 degrees today and the rest of the week. Yipee! It's time to bring out the caprice and sandals. That's when I remember I better shave The Toes too. And that is when all these random thoughts start bouncing around in my brain: you sure do have ugly big toes. yeah, but the little ones are cute. except the nails. i have a thing about those too. they have to be short. very short... i sure hope john remembers he promised to keep 'em short for me if i can't someday... my feet are boxy. i like that... it's not just the hair, the surgery didn't help the way the big guys look either. no. but at least i can shave 'em... oh! i need to blog this. what should the title be? hairy big toes- the movie? random thoughts from the shower? big hairy deal? i could even get a before and after picture of 'em... i should put this in my random me from a to z book too. after all, future generations deserve to know why they are so crazy!

So there you have it. Too much information? Probably for you. But the more I scrap the more I am aware of the things I wish I knew about my parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.
Do I need to know if they had hairy big toes? Probably not. But I wouldn't mind. In fact, now that they are all gone I cherish every memory and little bit of information I do have about them and long for more. No matter how trivial. Posted by Picasa



while i was posting the big hairy deal deal the mail lady came. i just now opened the box and there was my copy of Freestyle that i ordered wednesday from 2peas. i can't believe it's here already. i'm definitely ordering from them again. and guess what i'll be reading every spare minute i get today?...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Can't Wait to Do This

I found this Spanish proverb in the new Close to MY Heart Idea Book and just love it.

hOw beAuTifUl iT iS TO
dO nOThIng,
And Then reST afTerwArd!

I love it because: #1. I'm half Spanish. And #2. That may explain why I am so good at doing nothing and needing a nap when I'm done. Trouble is, I've really been wanting to do just that ever since I read it, but, I've been way too busy. Soon, maybe, soon...

I FINALLY finished reorganizing my scrap/former school room so I could put away all the cool scrapbook stuff I've been collecting but had no room for. Now I can actually start scrapping again. I've done a little bit now and then. But mostly, I've just been collecting. Feeling too overwhelmed. Where to begin? What do I REALLY want to accomplish when I scrap? What are my priorities? Scrapping time is too precious to waste... I'm having a hard time getting those creative juices flowing again. Stacy Julian's book, thebigpicture, was helpful. And blog-surfing. And starting my own blog. Now it is time to practice another proverb I love. This one is Korean: to begin is half the battle.......Guess it's time to begin!

But first, another thing I've been wanting to do is to daily jot down a few of the things I am grateful for. God is so good to me. I need to focus on all my "haves" instead of my "have nots" So here are a few for today:

Spring is here and the sun is actually shining!

This is the third day in a row that I've gotten up early.
(that's close to a miracle for this "morning challenged" night owl)

I don't have to worry about where my next meal will come from
(or the next, or the next...)

My husband still loves me even though I spend way too much $ on scrap stuff
(note to self: use more/spend less)

I have all afternoon to play with my scrap stuff...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Traditional Rug Hooking

I have been working on this "Welcome Home" wall hanging for longer than I care to admit, but I will. It has been years. But, in my defense, the only time I work on it is when I meet with the ladies of the Dyed in the Wool Rug Hookers Guild. This year I have been faithful to attend the "Hooky" group that meets once a month in the homes of different members. It has been such a blast. These ladies are so nice! This month we met at Kym's house, which is an old farm house that she and her husband have been restoring for ten years. It's amazing. I wish I were half as creative as she is! Actually, all the ladies are creative in their own ways. Me too, I guess. It's just easier for me to recognize it in others. Anyway, I have two more hooking projects in mind for when this one is done, but my main goal is to complete this one. Scrapping is my true love right now and that leaves little time for my other projects.

*note: I got interested in hooking in the fall of 2000 when I saw a project for a class at my favorite hometown store, Angels in the Attic. I took the class and was off and running from there. My dad told me he had my Grandma Lucy's old stripper somewhere in all his stuff. (I had never known she hooked! Wish I could talk to her about it...) That was the first time I could appreciate the fact that he saved everything and moved it all here when they moved from California in 1982. His tumor appeared not long after he found the stripper. Needless to say, that put an end to my interest in hooking for quite some time.

Monday, April 24, 2006


I was trying to get this picture into my "about me" space, obviously I haven't quite figured it out yet. Would have worked if it was the right size. Looks like I need help........

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Random Tears

Mom has been gone now for two years and eight months. I think about her every day. Many years after her mother had died she told me that she thought about her every day. To tell the truth, I thought that was a little strange back then. Now I understand. In the beginning I cried a lot when I thought about how much I missed her, and how much I loved her, and how much she loved me, and on and on and on. I don't cry as often anymore. But today, in church, during a worship song, the tears just came on me totally unexpectedly! We were singing about dancing before the throne of God and I could just see her doing that. It would be so like her! The chorus went on, "I will not forget you." It was referring to God, but I was thinking about my mom. I will not forget you, Mom!

Snips & Snails &...

I asked Josh this question while coloring one recent afternoon. "Why are so many girls afraid of snails?"

"Because they don't like slime." And then, after a long thoughtful pause, "They're into being cute. Except sometimes grandmas and aunts aren't. (what?! are we into being ugly?) Boys like gooey stuff. Some boys like rabbits. (which apparently is notable since they are both cute and soft) They are into boy toys and video games."

Well, Josh. I am into you and you are definately ALL boy AND cute!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Quick Note

It's really late and I'm really tired, so this first post is going to have to be short... One of the reasons I've set up this blog is to see how it compares to the trial one I have at TypePad. This one was a little easier to set up and it's free so that's a plus. Time will tell who the winner will be.

Monday, April 17, 2006

April Sunshine

This Easter I was blessed to have Josh spend the night with me. We had so much fun hiding and hunting for eggs. He had just as much fun hiding them and 'finding' them all by himself. I loved the joy he found in such a simple game, "Grandma, isN'T thIS GREAT?"

It was raining as I drove him home and we were singing "rain, rain go away..."

"I like the rain sometimes, Josh."

"Yeah, it's good for plants. So is the sun..... and rain and sun make rainbows!"

"They sure do..." And you, sweet boy, bring rainbows to my life rain or shine...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Random Thought About Random Thoughts

Maybe it's the soothing warmth of water pouring down on me as I shower, maybe it's the steady hum of the engine while I drive, maybe it's the simple fact that my mind has no off button, whatever it is, I have lots of them. Sometimes I'm so busy I don't even notice them. But as soon as I'm still, like in the shower or in the car or (and I hate to admit this) as soon as I sit down to read my Bible or pray - there they are.